Search for the Biggest Wave | Los Buscagigantes with Ramon Navarro, Trailer

16th October 2013
16th Oct 2013
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The second season of Los Buscagigantes is a surfing series starring Chilean Big Wave charger Ramon Navarro. In this online 10-episode documentary series, Ramon and some of the best big wave surfers roam Chile in search of the biggest and most perfect waves on the planet. In this season Ramon continues his dream to find and surf the biggest wave on the planet and invites top surfers Kohl Christensen, Nathan Fletcher, Greg Long, Gabriel Villaran, and chilean chargers Cristian Merello and Diego Medina to share the experience and surf the biggest and coldest waves on the planet. Director: Rodrigo Farias Producer: AguaSagrada Films Athletes: Ramon Navarro, Cristian Merello, Kohl Christensen, Diego Medina Search for the Biggest Wave | Los Buscagigantes con Ramon Navarro, Trailer

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