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Salty At Heart (EpicTV Short Film Festival 2013)

Salty At Heart (EpicTV Short Film Festival 2013)

06th August 2013
06th Aug 2013
My bachelor project is a visual portrait about the sea with loads of poetic footage. It shows the love & relationship between human & ocean. Thanks to everyone for help, support (+ mental support) & love for the sea! Bachelorfilm 2013 //motiondesign BTK FH Bali/ Indonesia 2013 Canon EOS 7D // 50mm 24-70mm 20mm gopro hero HD 2 + surfmounts poem/ shot/ edit/ directed - Lotta and the waves speaker - Mark Rauscher Pearson markandrepennock.com music - Tom Förderer tomfoerderer.com additional footage Roman Königshofer - romankoenigshofer.net waveseeker surf & travel photography - wave seeker.de The Jetlagged - thejetlagged.com This is an entry to EpicTV Short Film Festival. For more info go to http://festival.epictv.com

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