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Rockin' Rolo: Episode 1

Rockin' Rolo: Episode 1

23rd May 2018
23rd May 2018
Roland Hemetzberger is the ultimate dark horse. At 27 years old, the German crusher has quietly climbed some of the world’s stoutest routes, including the third ascent of Europe’s hardest multi-pitch, WOGÜ (5.14b). Working full-time as Black Diamond’s Sports and Community Coordinator in Innsbruck, Austria, Roland often squeezes in training sessions during his lunch breaks, so he can squeeze the bejesus out of the rock on the weekends. Last year, Rolo traveled to Rocklands, South Africa, to sample the famed sandstone. But instead of sticking to the well-trodden path of bouldering, Rolo couldn’t resist the tempting, unclimbed cliffs that seemed ripe for the picking. Check out the first episode of Rockin’ Rolo and watch as he journeys beyond the boulders and into the traditionally protected first ascents that Rocklands has to offer. Get Black Diamond gear here

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