Rock Climbing Technique For Intermediates: Hooks! The Ultimate Guide

27th December 2016
27th Dec 2016
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This Tutorial covers all Aspects of a very Useful and Versatile Rock Climbing Technique: Hooks! I explain Definition, Advantages and Areas of Application in the usual Illustrative and Information-dense Style. Apart from that I try to provide an interesting array of details which have great influence on whether a certain hook works or fails on any given problem. This should provide the progression-oriented climber with the knowledge necessary to solve hook-heavy climbs more efficiently and thus faster. Heel and Toe Hooks are important skills in the tool box of any intermediate/advanced climber, so be sure to incorporate them into your sessions, practice makes perfect! And don't forget to stretch: A greater flexibility often increases your available number of options, especially when it comes to hooks! Share this video with your climbing mates, and leave your opinion/feedback in the comments down below! Other than that, thank you for your attention, and I'll see you soon! Rock Climbing Technique for Intermediates : Hooks ! The Ultimate Guide Music: Something Chill by MikeDBeatsByD and Mo Blues Hip Hop Beat by Free Hip Hop Beats on Soundcloud.

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