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Rock Climbing Technique For Intermediates: Flagging

Rock Climbing Technique For Intermediates: Flagging

05th December 2016
05th Dec 2016
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A quick but in depth analysis of Flagging. I cover definition, advantages and areas of application in the usual, very information dense style. Additionally I want to provide an interesting comparison with other, previously mentioned climbing techniques like the Back Step or a Frontal Body Position, in order to find out which technique fits best to solve various problems. Used in the right situations, this advanced rock climbing technique will make your climbing much more time efficient by adding control and flow to your climbing style. Keep in mind that it's easier to climb hard with an efficient climbing style :P Please don't forget to share this video with your climbing mates if you've got something from it, thank you for your attention and I'll see you next time! Rock Climbing Technique for Intermediates : Flagging.

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John Reilly's picture
We call it a barn door.
5th Dec 2016
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