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Real Life Hoverboard! | EpicTV Fresh Catch

Real Life Hoverboard! | EpicTV Fresh Catch

07th August 2015
07th Aug 2015
Lexus say they're "Making The Impossible Possible"....but we never thought that would lead to Hoverboards! Check out this awesome clip "Slide", a story of creating an icon and tackling every challenge along the way to explore a new form of motion. It may only work on a magnetic track (i.e. non-existent!) and be almost impossible to ride...but it's pretty darn cool! | EpicTV Fresh Catch

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Michelle Webster's picture
Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
Where are the "go faster" stripes??
14th Aug 2015
Manu Maclean's picture
not sure about the board, but makes a nice stylee edit....
10th Aug 2015
David Seckington's picture
7th Aug 2015
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