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Piedra Blanca | Jungle Bolting

Piedra Blanca | Jungle Bolting

19th May 2017
19th May 2017
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Charlotte Durif explores the island of Puerto Rico in January 2017. Local climbers pointed her in the direction of the untouched, 70 foot tall, granite tower called Piedra Blanca. Going where no human has gone before - Charlotte jumps into the jungle without looking back. Check out the process, emotions, failures and victories she encounters in this short film! Filmed and Produced by: Josh Larson / COLD HOUSE MEDIA Additional Footage by: Dan Krauss

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Teresa Crespo's picture
Oh my God that is my hometown.ImSo exited !!!!?LA piedra Blanca is also the name of my barrio where I was horned, use to pass near that stone every day to go to school, church, everything.congratulation !!!!!amazing job.
2nd Jun 2017
Cold House Media's picture
Athletes and Filmmakers Combined
WOW! So cool! We will be back in February 2018 - see you then! Thanks for the love!
2nd Sep 2017
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