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Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoe
109.00 € 119.00 €
Boreal Siesta 45
80.96 € 89.95 €
Boreal Lynx Climbing Shoe
109.00 € 134.00 €
Boreal Marduk Climbing Shoe
105.00 € 119.00 €
Boreal Think Less Climb More
19.00 € 34.00 €

Pick Of The Week: The Boreal Mutant

Pick Of The Week: The Boreal Mutant

01st September 2016
01st Sep 2016
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This week’s Pick of the Week is the new Boreal Mutant climbing shoe. We are selling it in the EpicTV shop for €89 down from €120 with free delivery to all EU countries. The Mutant is based on a slipper design with a single Velcro strap across the top, which keeps your foot firmly in place. The slipper style means it is really comfortable and easy to slip on and off between climbs.

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Davie Soul's picture
I have heard these are pretty good...tempted
2nd Sep 2016
John Reilly's picture
I want!
1st Sep 2016
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