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SICgrips Gstring PRO
150.00 € 169.00 €
La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoe
130.46 € 145.00 €
Scarpa Instinct VSR Climbing Shoe
122.49 € 135.00 €
Mountain Hardwear Supercharger Shell Jacket
112.50 € 225.00 €
Moon Moon Fingerboard
63.70 € 75.00 €

Pick Of The Week: SicGrips Gstring Pro

Pick Of The Week: SicGrips Gstring Pro

18th November 2016
18th Nov 2016
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This week’s Pick of the Week is the SicGrips Gstring Pro. As winter closes in and your time on the rock becomes limited, it’s time to start thinking about training. The Gstring Pro is a new take on the classic ridged fingerboard. See more at the Epic TV Shop here.

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