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Pick Of The Week: Petzl Cordex Belay Gloves

Pick Of The Week: Petzl Cordex Belay Gloves

07th October 2016
07th Oct 2016
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There are two main reasons why gloves are a real essential for your climbing kit. When you are belaying a climber, having a light-weight glove allows you to safely pass the rope through your hands, and helps to avoid any rope burn should the climber fall on the rope. Secondly, for big multi-pitch routes that require hours of rappelling, a pair of gloves can save your hands when handling the rope at a quick pace. This week’s EpicTV Pick of the Week is the Petzl Cordex Light-Weight Belay & Rappel Gloves, and we're selling them for €33.99 at the EpicTV shop. Get yours at the here.

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thomasthefunkengine's picture
Have to remove to undo knots, gear, roll a j etc Might be handy at sport crag but a gri gri is usually found there so gloves again not wanted unless into kinky spanking like Brad
10th Oct 2016
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