Perfect For The Mountains: The Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket

25th November 2016
25th Nov 2016
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Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket
314.00 € 449.00 €
Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket Womens
314.00 € 449.00 €
Norrona Falketind Warm1 Jacket
95.00 € 119.00 €
Norrona Falketind Warm1 Jacket Womens
99.00 € 119.00 €
Norrona Falketind PrimaLoft100 Hood Jacket
289.00 €
This week’s Pick of the Week is the Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex jacket. This is an all-season jacket, perfect for a variety of mountaineering activities. Yes, we know it’s expensive, but buying a high quality shell is an investment, and will prove its worth time and again. The Falketind jacket is made from specially developed Gore-Tex 3-layer fabric, which will keep you bone dry while remaining highly breathable. For more info, check out the Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex jacket at the EpicTV Shop here.

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