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Part One: The Warm Up

Part One: The Warm Up

16th March 2017
16th Mar 2017
In part one of our brand new series on EpicTV, yoga instructor Eithne Kane demonstrates some warm-up routines aimed specifically at climbers. We all know the importance of warming-up before climbing, and these routines will help you to prevent injury, while the calming effects of pre-climbing yoga will help you move more efficiently and remain cool headed on the wall.

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Marie.mcdee's picture
Great warm up thanks
12th Jun 2019
Sheilina Durrer's picture
Love this warm up! thank you
20th May 2018
Ludmila Sabella's picture
Wow! Wonderful exercises guys! Good to learn. Thank you!
24th Mar 2017
casey's picture
Great video guys! Super great production quality and an awesome looking gym!
16th Mar 2017
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