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One Year Challenge At 50: 7b+ To 8B+ | Old Dog New Tricks Ep 1

One Year Challenge At 50: 7b+ To 8B+ | Old Dog New Tricks Ep 1

11th January 2018
11th Jan 2018
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Old Dogs New Tricks follows Richie Patterson, ‘a rapidly ageing, perennially injured, underachiever’ (his own words) on a quest to see if modern training techniques can help him surpass his previous best and climb the magic grade of 8b+. And all in under a year!!! To do this Richie enlists the help of Tom Randall and Ollie Tor at Lattice Training as well as calling in favours from a few climbing superstars he meets on the way. We follow Richie across the highs and lows of his year, from his first sessions at the wall, through injury, picking a suitable project and finally getting on the redpoint. In our first episode Richie, explains his motivations, meets training guru Tom Randall, gets put through his paces on the notorious Lattice Board and receives his first ever Training Plan!! Get training with EpicTV here. Check out Richie's website here. Watch the second episode One Year Challenge At 50: 7b+ To 8B+ | Old Dog New Tricks Ep 1

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Jaime Navarro Gutierrez's picture
Looking forward to see how this series develop!! Also thanks Richie for all your work with the Roca Verde's guide book! Definitely my top destination for when I go back home!
12th Jan 2018
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