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Matt's Guide To Climbing Chalk | Climbing Daily Ep.850

Matt's Guide To Climbing Chalk | Climbing Daily Ep.850

13th January 2017
13th Jan 2017
Welcome back to another Friday Climbing Daily gear show. Climbers use chalk every time they climb, and it’s become an essential tool in pushing the boundaries of the sport. There is a vast, bewildering array of different chalk types out there, so today we break it down and find out the truth behind chalk science. We are also unboxing the simply amazing Scarpa Phantom Tech mountaineering boots. Check out the Scarpa Phantom Tech here. Want to see our chalk selection? Check it out here. Matt's Guide To Climbing Chalk | Climbing Daily Ep.850

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rovanock's picture
ok, so i tested a lot of different chalk almost 7 years now and my favourite one is "the chalker" from austrialpin. aaaaand i found out that it is one of the cheapest on the market (only € 6,80 for 300g / in austria) :D
19th Jan 2017
benmortleman's picture
Which tastes the best though?... I really need to get on that send diet!
16th Jan 2017
calic.danilo's picture
My hands don't sweat a lot and are very dry, but I don't look cool enough without a chalk bag. Should I go wet my hands first and then apply chalk or? Seriously people, I can't send properly without looking cool. On a more serious note, you could explore climbing while overweight and how it impacts your body. Think about it, I'd love to see such a video!
16th Jan 2017
Reuben Tinsdeall's picture
Is it true that eating chalk makes you sweat less?
15th Jan 2017
n.rowan44's picture
Great Video and really helpful, is there any chance you could do a tutorial style video on finger tape and how best to tape up your fingers? "Give me the chalk!" (In a Jerry Maguire voice)
15th Jan 2017
brendan.jordan4's picture
Thanks for the focus on chalk this week! It's always interesting to see what types of chalk/ combinations other climbers use! I, unfortunately, have been cursed with very sweaty palms so I tend to go through boatloads of chalk in a pretty short amount of time. Because of this I don't like spending too much on chalk, but I also need to spend enough that what I get works decently well. I can't make good use of chalk balls as they don't tend to coat my hand well enough. So the trick I've come up with is mixing ultra fine chalk with crushed chalk from a chalk block. I usually use Bison Competition Chalk for the fine chalk and Metolius Chalk Blocks to crush up and mix in. I've found the nice thing about this combination is that the bison chalk gets a good coating and lasts a little longer on my hands. The larger chalk particles from the chalk block keep me from conjuring huge plumes of chalk dust every time I reach in the chalk bag, and they tend to themselves get coated with the finer Bison chalk. That way when I roll the larger particles around in my hand I get a really even coat quickly, which is good for quick on-the-wall shakeouts. I do loose a little more chalk than with a chalk ball, but the speed with which I can re-chalk makes up for it I think.
14th Jan 2017
povmasters's picture
Thanks for the tip guys thanks alot nice to know
14th Jan 2017
billsloat's picture
I am new to climbing and have been wondering about the different kinds of chalk and their uses! This video was a great help. I have a question about block chalk, what is the best way to crush it? Or does it matter? Talk the talk.. Walk the Walk... Chalk the Chalk.. and see you at the next BlocStock!! Giddy Up!!
16th Jan 2017
Henley Bailey's picture
Break it into smaller bits to get them in to your chalk bag and then have fun breaking up the medium size bits with your fingers between routes as something to play with when resting. :)
14th Jan 2017
Matt's Epic Vlogs's picture
Hi, We find it best to put it into a bag and smash it around a bit! There isn't really an industry standard method, just get angry with it!
14th Jan 2017


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