Louis Parkinson Puts Up Hardest Boulder Problem In Morocco, Part 2 | Atlas 101

21st September 2016
21st Sep 2016
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In spring 2016 Louis Parkinson went to Oukaimeden, high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to discover one of the unknown gems of the bouldering world with hundreds of unclimbed boulders. In part 2 Louis has a go on the hardest boulder problem in Morocco, as well as a problem that he thinks could be possibly harder....

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Matt's Epic Vlogs's picture
Awesome, nice to see Louis using his feet for a change!
23rd Sep 2016
Davie Soul's picture
That rock looks so good
22nd Sep 2016
milly's picture
Love Morocco, total gem of a place. Great vid.
22nd Sep 2016
Ange Bibier's picture
Nice edit, will love got to Morocco bouldering !!
22nd Sep 2016
Andrea Sabbadin's picture
Italian Copywriter
22nd Sep 2016
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