Local Hero Felipe Camargo Establishes Brazil's First V15 Boulder | The Thrill Of Brazil, Ep. 2

08th January 2015
08th Jan 2015
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Sometimes in climbing the stars just align for you and everything comes good in a single, perfect moment. When Felipe Camargo made the first ascent of 'Fortaleza' (V15/8C) On July 13th 2014, this was one such moment. The line of 'Fortaleza' had stood as a project for over 12 years, its imposing architecture dominating the wave-washed platform of Ubatuba; on which it stands. Felipe had known about the project since his first time climbing outdoors when he actually completed some easier lines on the same boulder. Over time, he returned to Ubatuba and gradually began to piece together the moves on this incredibly difficult project. Despite countless attempts, Felipe was stymied again and again by difficult conditions or his own performance. Until the day of the World Cup final that is, when, with Brazil no longer in the competition, Felipe ignored the football and instead spent the day at Ubatuba where he finally topped out the project. Perhaps we should all be grateful that Brazil was knocked out in the Semis. If not, one of the the country's hardest boulders might still be waiting for its first ascent!

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