Legs of Steel #skigoodmoneywillcome

14th October 2015
14th Oct 2015
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'Passenger' is the highly anticipated new film by the Legs Of Steel guys. With it imminent release just around the corner we take a look back at parts of their journey in this film. Over the past few years, the Legs of Steel crew have established themselves as some of the most unique and exciting skiers in the game through a string of incredible films. Naturally, it's time for a mockumentary. Indeed Productions takes you inside the team house and introduces you to the flesh and blood men behind the sick backcountry riding and incredible end-segment jumps. They aren't....exactly what you might be expecting, but that's part of the fun. Brace yourself for the hard rocking, park killin', business deal makin', glamour shot takin', hashtag inventin' boys of the Legs of Steel. And always remember. If you ski good, money will come. Maybe. Legs of Steel #skigoodmoneywillcome

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