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La Sportiva TX2 Approach Shoe

La Sportiva TX2 Approach Shoe

05th August 2016
05th Aug 2016
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The La Sportiva TX2 is a lightweight approach shoe with some serious climbing credentials. We are selling it for €115 down from €127 at the EpicTV Shop, with free delivery to all EU countries. The TX2 has an incredibly slim profile: the low profile making it perfect for scrambling or even climbing routes. It is made with a one piece synthetic upper and the material is hard wearing, comfortable and breathable. Sweaty feet shouldn’t really be an issue with this shoe on. The upper wraps around the feet like a climbing shoe does, and the lacing system ensures a snug fit. This gives you confidence when moving on rock, as your feet stay put inside the shoe. Smearing feels especially secure, with the wrap around fit ensuring confidence when doing delicate moves. The TX2 uses the amazingly grippy Vibram ‘Mega Grip’ rubber, with a dot pattern on the sole apart from in the toe section. This area is called the ‘climbing zone’ and has no tread to ensure clean contact between your toes and the rock. There is a slight flair near the little toe to provide more control when doing twisting manoeuvres. One of the coolest features of these shoes is how they can be attach together to either be clipped to your harness or put in a bag. You simply press the shoe together and use the cord on the heel to secure them. If you’re looking for an approach shoe that you can climb in as well as walk in, you need the TX2.

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