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Kraft Factory Training Tips | Core Workout

Kraft Factory Training Tips | Core Workout

28th September 2016
28th Sep 2016
Get to know our friends Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros of the Kraft Factory. In this series Patrick and Dicki will give some advices and training tipps for amateur as well as professional climbers, you can easily include in your daily workout.

Comments (2)

2 voters think this video is Handy
Juan Abréu's picture
Nice, I hope you post more videos like this one. I must confess I was a bit afraid it was going to be some crossfit nonsense, but no, I even got some new exercises to incorporate into my routine.
28th Sep 2016
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Nice one, gonna try these infront of Eastenders tonight! :)
28th Sep 2016
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