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Jonathan Siegrist Breaks The 'Speed' Limit | Nomad, Ep. 2

Jonathan Siegrist Breaks The 'Speed' Limit | Nomad, Ep. 2

27th August 2014
27th Aug 2014
Jonathan Siegrist doesn't necessarily 'live by the rules' - he lives in his car and climbs for a living. And now he's breaking the 'Speed' limit - climbing 'Speed Intégrale', 9a, Cedric Lachat's extension of Beat Kammerlander's classic test piece 'Speed', 8c+, in Voralpsee, Switzerland Here's what Jonathan had to say about this massive undertaking: "Many years back I had seen the Rob Frost film 'Autoroute' that followed Joe Kinder, Luke Parady and Dave Graham through Europe, hitting many of the rad bouldering and sport climbing spots. This is where I first saw Beat Kammerlander's test piece route 'Speed' 14c at a little crag in eastern Switzerland called Voralpsee. I did not know what to expect with my journey on Biographie, Ceuse but when I finished the route with still a healthy chunk of time left in Europe, the very next thing on my mind was to go and find Speed. "I wanted to do the extension that Cedric Lachat did in 2010 (Speed Intégrale ~9a), which to me is very logical. It adds a pretty damn hard boulder problem to the top of Speed. Some have said that this boulder problem does not add significant difficulty but I can say with honesty that this is some of the hardest climbing on the whole pitch for me." Jonathan Siegrist Breaks The 'Speed' Limit | Nomad, Ep. 2

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