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Is The Naked Summit Photo Acceptable? | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 521

Is The Naked Summit Photo Acceptable? | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 521

18th June 2015
18th Jun 2015
The mountains made a return to mainstream headlines this week but probably not for the reasons you would hope. After several tourists snapped a naked group photo at the summit of Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu, four of the group were taken into custody. The arrests made headlines around the world, particularly after accusations were made that the group's actions had caused a subsequent earthquake in the region. As so often happens when news like this makes the headlines, many of the responses missed the point entirely, so here to cut through all the rubbish round the edges is The Social. (Oh and don't worry, we'll also be addressing what the hell Chris Sharma was doing up that tree!) Is The Naked Summit Photo Acceptable? | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 521

Comments (11)

1 voter thinks this video is Nuts
bobiscool's picture
what fuckwits
15th May 2017
bobiscool's picture
if you think nudity is cool go get fucked
15th May 2017
Jeremy Fournier's picture
Next step after the Hiking naked around the world.
21st Jun 2015
Ted Endo's picture
I don't think anyone should be getting thrown into jail for a bit of casual nudity - regardless of where they do it, but if you do something like that in a place where you are totally uninformed about the laws and customs of the land and you happen to fall afoul of the authorities, i have no sympathy whatsoever. bigger news: Adam makes his nude debut!
19th Jun 2015
Hugo Pilcher's picture
In all seriousness if you go to countries like this you have to respect the law of the land...its this arrogance, stupidity, and immaturity that is demonstrated by Brits abroad on too regular an occasion...they get no sympathy from me
18th Jun 2015
Donna Saarentola's picture
Charlie seems so normal after Adam. OMG
18th Jun 2015
Ltbron's picture
I don't think her boobs caused an earthquake but Nicki Minaj's bum could
18th Jun 2015
Christine Sherwood's picture
EpicTV Freelance Channel Producer
Think you need to include a best climb to get naked on award each week. lol
18th Jun 2015
Robert Paulson's picture
My name is Robert Paulson.
No shirts or shoes.
18th Jun 2015
virgil's picture
Everybody! Be more naked!
18th Jun 2015


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