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La Sportiva Genius Climbing Shoe
135.11 € 155.00 €
La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's
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La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoe
120.95 € 139.00 €
La Sportiva Finale VS Climbing Shoe
92.61 € 105.00 €

Inside The La Sportiva Factory

Inside The La Sportiva Factory

09th May 2017
09th May 2017
I was lucky enough to be invited by La Sportiva to go behind the scenes at their factory for EpicTV. Journalists aren't usually allowed inside so it was great to see how the shoes we wear every day are made. Part Two coming soon featuring Mr Adam Ondra himself... La Sportiva Climbing shoes: https://goo.gl/R8YUtb My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattgroom1/ Inside The La Sportiva Factory - Vlog 52

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