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Influence Of Posture On Movement

Influence Of Posture On Movement

09th October 2017
09th Oct 2017
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Workshop is intended for coaches and climbers. We will show you how can sport training can get better results and less injuries by including principles from yoga, kung-fu, ballet or thai-chi, which are all forms of movement 200 – 3000 years old. The first part of the workshop consists of a theoretical introduction to effective movement and an explanation of the work with body center,with supports and the impact of the setting of hands and feet on function of trunk muscles. In the second part (Saturday afternoon and part of Sunday morning) we will practice these principles on a climbing wall. We will explain you a secret, why is Adam Ondra moving different than anybody else, tell you how he got better in 10 days from 20% to 50% on campus board and how to train hard without getting injured. Reservation on: novotnykuba@email.cz

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