INDOOR BASE Bikini Jumping | BASE Girl, Ep. 6

05th December 2013
05th Dec 2013
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It's winter and BASE Girl is jumping in a bikini - has Christmas come early? Follow BASE Girl Clair Marie to the indoor paradise that is The Tropical Island Resort in Germany for the Indoor World BASE Cup. This is an exclusive, incredible event -- BASE jumping competition INDOORS. That's right, BASE jumping inside, and in a bikini. The TIR and IBWC hosts this competition and gives BASE jumpers a winter venue for accuracy competition (and relaxation, looking at the spectators...). Stay tuned for part two of this BASE jumping event with Clair. Director: Clair Marie Producer: Clair Marie Athletes: Clair Marie, other IBWC competitors INDOOR BASE Bikini Jumping | BASE Girl, Ep. 6

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