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Hucking Gigantic Airs | Matt Meola Upcountry, Ep. 1

Hucking Gigantic Airs | Matt Meola Upcountry, Ep. 1

07th September 2015
07th Sep 2015
Matt Meola Upcountry with is a raw, action packed insight into one of surfing’s most interesting dudes. In the water, he hucks gigantic airs in waves built for guns then drops multi-story Jaws just to get high on the buzz. When he's not surfing he's dodging tiger sharks while spear fishing, getting artsy, hunting wild deer with his bow or playing country on his guitar. Upcountry: Part 1" focuses on his rise from skate grom and rogue freesurfer to winner of the first prestigious "Innersection" project and his collaboration with friend Albee Layer on last year's landmark film "Attractive Distractions." If this doesn't put a flame up your arse to go surfing then you might need to check your pulse.

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Kiv123's picture
This guy is literally flying.. I'd love to see more of those long stories, even in other sports.
9th Sep 2015
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