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How To Become A Better Belayer

How To Become A Better Belayer

30th January 2018
30th Jan 2018
Are you giving your partner the belay they deserve? Whether you're in the gym, at the crag, or in the mountains, belaying is one of the most important and universal skills a climber can have. Equally as useful for a climber with a few months of experience and climbers with decades of experience, join Petzl athletes like David Graham, Jorg Verhoeven, Neil Gresham, and Sasha DiGiulian for this discussion on the techniques and importance of a good belay. To learn more about becoming the best belayer you can be, follow the information below: - Join the Petzl GRIGRI Tour (http://www.petzl.com/grigritour) **Not Applicable in USA or Canada** - Learn our belaying tech tips (http://www.petzl.com/belaying) - How to belay with the REVERSO tube/plaquette device (https://youtu.be/ymJb6tW5_BE) - How to belay with the GRIGRI assisted braking device (https://youtu.be/FHdqjjyeTtg) - Understand the full uses of the GRIGRI+ (http://www.bit.ly/2yodJd5) - Introducing the World's BEST Belayer (https://youtu.be/NJHVgkchcbw) - Introducing the World's WORST Belayer! (https://youtu.be/V9hsWjA3SmU) Featuring Dave Graham - Jorg Verhoeven - Said Belhaj - Sasha DiGiulian - Mayan Smith-Gobat - Steve McClure - Klemen Becan - Neil Gresham

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