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"He's So Excited He Pissed His Pants" | Vlog 004

"He's So Excited He Pissed His Pants" | Vlog 004

27th October 2016
27th Oct 2016
In this week's vlog, we're traveling with our favourite German, David Göttler, to the North Face Mountain Festival in Lauterbrunnen in his brand new Volkswagen Transporter....which Caroline doesn't exactly treat with the same respect as David would like. David does get very excited about this festival, and whether it be metaphorically or literally, there was certainly a little widdle that came out. Enjoy, see you next time! "He's So Excited He Pissed His Pants" | Vlog 004

Comments (4)

Callum Teel's picture
Caroline: 'We're about to go through a tunnel' James: 'Quick get the camera out I've heard they're great for filming' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
28th Oct 2016
Asher Landen's picture
David Göttler, what a dude!
28th Oct 2016
Jean Trotter's picture
I wanna be Caroline's best friend...she looks like SO much fun!
28th Oct 2016
Rodney Katelyn's picture
Haha! The German outburst at 04:02....what a legend!
28th Oct 2016
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