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Hangboard Session For Softies : A Beginner Oriented Hangboard Drill

Hangboard Session For Softies : A Beginner Oriented Hangboard Drill

11th January 2017
11th Jan 2017
In this video I'm going to show you a very basic, beginner oriented hangboard drill. This workout is perfectly suited for people, who just bought their first hang board and want to get used to the holds, or, to give another example, for people who've made a big rest (couple of weeks) and now want to get back into training. For this purpose I'm going to use two relatively non aggressive grips: the 3 fingers open grip and the 4 fingers open grip. The structure of this workout is as simple as it can get: It starts off with some short warm up hangs using the two different grips I want to train, on my biggest hold and the hold on which I want to train them (in this case my 18 mm rounded edge). You should feel how you get stronger and stronger from hang to hang during the warmup. Once I'm sure that my muscles, tendons and joints are properly warmed up, I rest for 3 minutes. Then I start with my first real hang, which in this case simply means that I'm hanging on each of the two grip types as long as I can, two handed. After that I rest for another three minutes. Make 10 to 15 reps. You should notice that you are getting slightly better (you can hang longer) during the first few hangs. After that your performance will decline, which is no problem, keep finishing your 10 to 15 reps (depending on how fast you are getting weaker). That's basically it :) If something was unclear tell me in the comments down below and I'll try to address it. Thank you for your attention, and have a good training! Hangboard Session for Softies : A Beginner oriented Hangboard Drill.

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