Getting Wet And Wild On The World's First Floating Climbing Wall | DWS, Ep. 3

26th May 2015
26th May 2015
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When your climbing competition is set to take place on the historic waterfront of Exeter in the UK how do you get your climbing wall into a position where everyone can see it? You make it float of course! This was precisely what happened at The Quay Climbing Centre's deep water solo competition; the first of its kind in the UK. In August of 2014, over 100 climbers travelled to the city to compete on the incredible climbing wall constructed specifically for the event on a floating pontoon. The highlight of the weekend was arguably the Women's Open final which saw visiting American Sierra Blaire-Coyle duke it out with British strong women Emma Twyford and Michaela Tracey. A gripping final saw Emma beaten into third by Sierra with 2014 Bouldering World Championship finalist Michaela outstripping both of them to take first. In the men's draw meanwhile it was an all-English affair with Liam Halsey taking the win ahead of Matt Cousins and Nathan Phillips in second and third respectively. Getting Wet And Wild On The World's First Floating Climbing Wall | DWS, Ep. 3

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