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Getting Tranquil In Japan | Vlog 006

Getting Tranquil In Japan | Vlog 006

10th November 2016
10th Nov 2016
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We have arrived at Kinkasan! Its been a long journey but we are ready to start climbing, with a little bit of time to get some sightseeing in.... Yuji is injured but his spirits are still high and we're staying in a shrine, so Caroline has to behave...enjoy and thanks for watching, hope you guys are enjoying the journey!

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Tómas Magnus's picture
SO psyched to go climbing in Japan!
14th Nov 2016
Once Upon A Climb's picture
Its really a special place, but go first for the culture/people/experience, and secondly for the climbing. Japan is such an amazingly different place - like nowhere else I have ever seen!
15th Nov 2016
Tómas Magnus's picture
Hey! Thanks so much for replying! REALLY wanna go, whens the best time to go?
15th Nov 2016
Once Upon A Climb's picture
Japan has a similar climate to the UK, a bit more tropical in the south, cooler in the north. It usually rains a lot in October (why did we go in October???) but November is usually pretty stable. Winter can be cold, but if you don't mind num fingers, you can find great conditions.
16th Nov 2016
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