Getting Gripped On Granite In Cavallers, Spain | The Unknown Spain, Ep. 3

22nd June 2015
22nd Jun 2015
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Spanish climbing is all about limestone sport routes, right? Wrong! Spain may be known internationally for limestone venues like El Chorro and Santa Linya, but the country has far more to offer than tufa climbs and pocket-pulling. Much like many of its European neighbours, Spain has some quality granite climbing areas but outside of La Pedriza, these have gone largely unnoticed by the wider community. The granite playground of Cavallers is a great example of one such spot. Located in Northern Spain, close to the border with France, Cavallers offers both bouldering and sport climbing with perfect temperatures during the Summer months. Bifurcated by a large dam, the area has upper and lower sectors with almost 1,000 boulder problems split between them. The sport routes are for the most part technical, slab climbing affairs, which benefit from excellent bolting and the occasional chicken head to give some respite from the crimps! If you're looking for something a little different from your next Spanish sojourn, Cavallers is a fantastic choice. Park up the van (it's free) and set to exploring the wonderful food, culture and climbing that the valley has to offer! Getting Gripped On Granite In Cavallers, Spain | The Unknown Spain, Ep. 3

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Dave Searle's picture
Live Chat Agent
What have they done on grit tho..
23rd Jun 2015
Donna Saarentola's picture
yeah I'd go just because of the food too!
22nd Jun 2015
Laura Bonet Pizarro's picture
Pà amb tomacaaa!!! (Bread with tomato) Yaaaay, everyone should try it hahahah
22nd Jun 2015
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