Full Day Of Training For Climbing Without Touching A Wall !

28th November 2016
28th Nov 2016
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The weather is back to usual (wet, cold, sh*t), so it's Gym Time again! I only performed Exercises which do not involve a Climbing Wall. The Session Stats are listed after each Workout for full Reproducibility. I tackled: Explosiveness and Contanct Strength on the Campusboard, Body/Core Strength on the Rings and the Bar, and Finger Strength on the Hangboard. It was a very intense day, the regimen was rather advanced although no actual climbing move was performed! So be sure to warm up properly before engaging in any of these exercises, and don't forget to take good care of your body in general. See you soon! Full Day of Training for Climbing without touching a Wall. Music: Just Chill by Ro Steez on Soundcloud.

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Rainer Lampatzer's picture
Letzte Frage: Trainierst Du gerade für einen "No Foot Contest"?
2nd Dec 2016
Rainer Lampatzer's picture
Das scheint ja auch ein Fitnessstudio zu sein (zumindest liegen da eine ganze Reihe Hanteln). Aus welchem Fitnessstudio im deutschsprachigen Raum fliegt man nicht achtkantig raus, wenn man mit nackten Oberkörper trainiert? Oder hast Du aufgrund Deines beeindruckenden Oberkörpers eine Ausnahmegenehmigung? Oder war das nur für den Film?
2nd Dec 2016
Rainer Lampatzer's picture
Ziemlich krasser Oberkörper. Das Video kann ich mir mehrmals reinziehen.
2nd Dec 2016
Elliot Gaunt's picture
Could someone tell me what the mounting system is for the hangboards off to the right of the campus board?
28th Nov 2016
Manuel Huber's picture
It is basically a solid steel framework with a wooden surface just below 1m away from the wall, on which the boards are mounted. Pretty simple.
29th Nov 2016
Elliot Gaunt's picture
awesome thank you for your reply, do you know if it was custom made or is there a place it was purchased?
29th Nov 2016
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