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Friday Gear Show: Massive Machines At The Kong Factory | Climbing Daily Ep.876

Friday Gear Show: Massive Machines At The Kong Factory | Climbing Daily Ep.876

17th February 2017
17th Feb 2017
Today on the Friday Gear Show we have a look at how our climbing equipment is made. We were invited to the Kong factory in Italy to check out some cool machines and see how a carabiner goes from a rod of metal to a bombproof piece of kit. If you want to be in with a chance of winning a set of four Kong carabiners, just comment below with your maintenance tips. See more from Kong, including our Pick of the Week, at the EpicTV Shop here. Friday Gear Show: Massive Machines At The Kong Factory | Climbing Daily Ep.876

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emtisa's picture
I clean my carabiners when I'm resting during a climb in the woods. I pick up some branches and shoot the excess oil, check if it is opening properly and smoothly, and if it has no very deep scratches.
10th Mar 2017
callum.parkinson's picture
When I come back from climbing I always give my gear a wipe with some alcohol swabs and if they do need cleaning I clean my belay and anchor caribiners slightly differently. Belay beiners are cleaned and a little run under warm water with a tooth prick and cotton ear buds. I then let them air dry and then clean out any left over water from the mec with an air compressor. I then use graphite lubricant ( a dry fine dust that as the moving parts open and shut works itself in, available at hardware stores for lubricating locks.)on the gate and the hinge. I keep a close eye on wear and damage, knocks deeper then 2-3mm and wear more then 1/4 of the thickness or sharp burs or sides get cuts in half and disposed of. The For my anchor beiners I just blow the dust out with the air compressor and then put some graphite lube into the same parts as the belay beiners. I also use some super fine wet and dry p1800 grit sand paper to remove and burs and abrasive bits around the two ends where the slings and rope will be. I store all my beiners in a dry sealed plastic tub under my bed with my slings and protection.
23rd Feb 2017
callum.parkinson's picture
Clean beiners with warm water with mild soap useing a tooth brush or test tube cleaner, dry with a towel and blow the last bit of water out with an air compressor and then lube gate hinge and locking mec with silicone grease then check function. For burs little bit of real fine wet dry sand paper I.e p1500 grit. I then always look for any damage, Deep wear or indents deeper then 2-3mm.
23rd Feb 2017
billsloat's picture
Soak, scrub with a wire brush, let dry and oil up!! Remember the 6 P's when cleaning or organizing gear: Proper Planning (or cleaning in this case) Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Happy Climbing!
18th Feb 2017
Ryuk L's picture
Epic video! Soak, scrub and brush, in warm soapy water. Use some fine sandpaper and gently remove any burrs (we don't want to damage or weaken them!). Dry with a towel and lube up =)
17th Feb 2017
dominik.hladky's picture
Nicve video, I appreciate profesionality from the Kong employ. She knows what machines are called, hers English is great (LaSportiva get inspiretion for improvements), she is polite. She is absolutely lovely! :D #absolutely A little comment on the content, besides the fun fact about 100% tested carabiners, there is not that much. There is surely other interesting topics. Maybe how they produced and improved a product, how they test they protottypes or testing quality and strength after years of use. Overall I am very happy with the job you are doing guys! Keep it up :)
17th Feb 2017
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