Freediver Blacks Out During World Record Attempt | Barely Breathing with Annelie Pompe, Ep. 7

24th February 2014
24th Feb 2014
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Annelie Pompe hates pool training. That's unfortunate given that her occupation is professional freediving. Not long after summiting the lofty altitudes of Aconcagua in Argentina, she's back in the pool preparing for another world depth record in freediving. The last time she was in this position she only had two months to prepare and it came back to bite her in a big way - she blacked out while ascending from a very, very deep dive. Fair Warning: It's not easy to watch her pass out and turn a weird shade of beige at 3:09. Luckily she has five months to prepare for he next dive, so like it or not she's going to be doing a lot of dolphin kicking in the pool. Good for us though, she's the prettiest dolphin we've ever seen.

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