Edu Marin Beasts His Way Through A Mammoth 8c Roof Climb | Panaroma, Ep. 2

13th February 2015
13th Feb 2015
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The route 'Panaroma' (8c) in the Italian Dolomites has been a long-standing dream for Spanish climber Edu Marin. The line features easy but poorly protected climbing on its early pitches with run-out sections between some extremely doubtful peg placements. The real meat of the route arrives in its upper reaches however, when a daunting triple roof section blocks the climber's path to the summit. With his father and climbing partner Francisco shouting encouragement from the belay, Edu manages to pull off an astounding lead through this daunting terrain leaving only easy, (if rather crumbly), ground to the summit. Edu Marin Beasts His Way Through A Mammoth 8c Roof Climb | Panaroma, Ep. 2

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Kirsti Lehtimaki's picture
UX Designer & Climber, Chamonix
Love it! It's incredible that you can share such a giant project and big experience with your dad... Panorama is epic!!
8th Jun 2015
Michael Binzer's picture
Impressive commitment.
17th Feb 2015
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