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Drew Bezanson's 'Nothing but Fun' | Inspire, Ep. 2

Drew Bezanson's 'Nothing but Fun' | Inspire, Ep. 2

28th April 2014
28th Apr 2014
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For their second episode the Inspire boys were invited to Drew Bezanson's 'Do Nothing But Fun' (#dbnothingbutfun) event at the world famous bike park, Joyride 150 near Toronto. Saturday was a blast with Red Bull repping, kids everywhere, and huge tricks all over the place from some of the best BMXers on the planet. Drew, Mike 'Hucker' Clark, Anthony Napolitan, Brian Hunt, Morgan Wade, Dean Cueson, Michael Beran, Tyler Fernengel and Zack Warden all laid it down big time. Very cool to see all the little guys stoked on their heroes and killing it. After the crew sorted some tech issues with the hexacopter, the weekend finished up with a chill hangout session Sunday evening with Anthony and Brian offering trick pointers to some pretty skilled locals. Music: Nilow, ( Lisa Mitchell ), Neopolitan Dreams, Dubstep Remix Free download - https://www.facebook.com/Nilow030?fref=ts Sound FX - www.freesfx.co.uk Drew Bezanson's 'Nothing but Fun' | Inspire, Ep. 2

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