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Céüse Chapter 2 | Jungle Boogie 9A+

Céüse Chapter 2 | Jungle Boogie 9A+

02nd March 2017
02nd Mar 2017
Stefano Ghisolfi in the last few years has been at the center of attention not just for his great results on competitions, but also for the hard routes he ticked around world. This time he proves his skills on one of the hardest route that Ceuse can offers "Jungle Boogie", a project initially started by local climber Sylvain Millet and then taken up by young Enzo Oddo. Back in 2012 Adam Ondra managed to carry out the first ascent of Jungle Boogie proposing the grade of 9A+. After Sachi Amma's second ascent in 2015, Stefano decided to put his hands on, and in a cold morning of October he claims the third ascents, ticking off one of his hardest routes to date. Project kindly supported by: - EpicTV - E9 Clothing (www.enove.it) - CAMP (www.camp.it) - Vertical Life (www.vertical-life.info)

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2 voters think this video is Nuts
filip.duzevic's picture
Congratz to Stefano on the climb! I just have to say that filming and cutscenes were made really bad, they switched the camera angle on the start of every move. It's nice and all for the ceuse and the nature, but could be more focused on the climb and moves itself without unnecessary switching left mid right every 2 second.
2nd Mar 2017
Alex Paskett's picture
What are you talking about? This was beautifully shot and well edited in my opinion...how many videos do you see of a climb where you see it shot from such a beautiful angle as that? The dronework was immense...if you want a RAW climbing video of the whole ascent why don't you get in touch with the filmmaker and he can send you the 15gb and 2 hours of footage and you can lock yourself in a dark room and REALLY enjoy it...
3rd Mar 2017
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