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Céüse Chapter 1 | Le Cadre Nuovelle

Céüse Chapter 1 | Le Cadre Nuovelle

11th October 2016
11th Oct 2016
Stefano Carnati is on the way to becoming a very strong climber indeed, and he has to use all of his available skills to climb this hard route in Céüse, France. Le Cadre Nouvelle sits in the centre of the Biographie sector of the mountain, which hosts a huge concentration of difficult sport routes that have caught the eyes of some of the world's strongest climbers. Stefano sends the route on his very last try of the year, putting another important ascent in his pocket. We look forward to seeing what he will achieve in the years to come. Le Cadre Nouvelle was first freed by Adam Ondra back in 2010. Project kindly supported by www.ragnilecco.com

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