Climbing New Routes On The Spectacular Spires Of Ha Long Bay | DWS, Ep. 2

21st April 2015
21st Apr 2015
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Vietnam's Ha Long Bay looks like something out of a movie and this may well be because it has featured on film so often. It was famously the setting for the finale of the James Bond film 'Tomorrow Never Dies.' Unlike Piers Brosnan, climbers Neil Gresham and Leah Crane aren't here in search of stealth boats, but rather new routes. The opportunity for exploration in Ha Long bay is practically endless and the pair's willingness to search its untouched limestone spires rewards them with some spectacular first ascents. More than the climbing however, Ha Long bay offers a unique cultural experience with entire communities based on the water. Climbing and living off a boat on the bay, Neil and Leah find themselves immersed in not just a fantastic climbing experience, but a unique way of life. Climbing New Routes On The Spectacular Spires Of Ha Long Bay | DWS, Ep. 2

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Panu Lehti's picture
Like a proper nerd, I simply love the drone footage of this series.
20th May 2015
Onsight Climbing koh tao's picture
Climbing in Koh tao Thailand.
Awesome , next time your in asia pop over to koh tao we are developing new climbs every week here.
26th Apr 2015
Danny Stirton's picture
Too much talk, not enough climbing
25th Apr 2015
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