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Climbing Above Baikal Ice | Vadim Timonov #ClaimFreedom

Climbing Above Baikal Ice | Vadim Timonov #ClaimFreedom

25th January 2017
25th Jan 2017
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What do you do when you've run out of achievements to pursue? In the case of Russian climber Vadim Timonov, he's chosen his dream destination as the setting for his next adventure. For years, Vadim has dreamt of being the first to climb Earth's oldest and deepest lake, which is located in the frozen expanses of Siberia. In his opinion, bouldering is not just about physical sport, but the whole experience:the harsh climate, the stunning landscapes and regional culture. "When you are climbing, you are alone, and it is more like meditation. When you are bouldering, you are always in close contact with your friends. It is really much more social." Learn more on the Claim Freedom website here.

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