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Black Diamond Presents: Nalle Hukkataival—Tuzgle, Argentina

Black Diamond Presents: Nalle Hukkataival—Tuzgle, Argentina

25th September 2020
25th Sep 2020
BLACK DIAMOND GEAR Tuzgle is a climbing mecca with untapped potential. As Nalle puts it in this film, if these boulders were in the States near a Whole Foods, they would be the most popular blocs in the world. The difference, however, is that these giants sit at 14,500 feet. That means only a few intrepid seekers like Nalle and alpinist Matt Lloyd have visited this immaculate valley. Lucky for us, Nelson Carayannis of Mind Frame Cinema captured a wealth of footage from Nalle’s trip, documenting first ascents and repeats of Tuzgle’s classic lines. Enjoy this film and get psyched for the fall bouldering season. #liveclimbrepeat

Comments (1)

julianromantini's picture
Cool video but it would be cooler if there were more failed attempts
29th Sep 2020
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