Black Diamond Positron: Great All-Round Quickdraws To Cover All Your Climbing Needs

21st April 2017
21st Apr 2017
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Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw
11.90 € 17.00 €
Black Diamond Positron Quickpack
85.00 € 95.00 €
Black Diamond Positron Bent Gate Carabiner
10.00 €
Black Diamond Camalot C4
58.50 € 65.00 €
Black Diamond ATC-Guide Belay / Rappel Device
25.00 € 28.00 €
This week’s Pick of the Week is the Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw, and we’re selling them at in 12cm and 18cm lengths, which you can buy individually, or as a set of six. The Positron is a great all-round quickdraw that you can use for clipping bolts, attaching to trad placements, or extending gear in the mountains. Check them out at the EpicTV Shop here .

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