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Because I See

Because I See

29th September 2016
29th Sep 2016
They used to tell me that you’ll never stop learning and they were right. I have internalized new skills on the rock, with devotion and constancy, until they became my dance, my self-expression. With effort and sacrifice I learnt how to send a 5B, then 6C and 7A, up to the 8C or maybe more. Sending a new route is sometimes a half-fulfillment because you’re always lacking that something you can neither fill with one more route. So to improve ourselves we need to go through our way and learn how to be overwhelmed by the Beauty around us. Will this be the secret of those who never want to give up, who keep on feeding their love for the vertical’s? Maybe one day just a tiny sip of our beloved rock will be enough to make us happy. Then we will devise a new game with a new not-easily-moldable body connected to a new leading mind that will be able to understand that the right way to go for is the one of the Beauty. Because I see ! A video produced by E9. Written and directed by Rovero Impiglia. Performers: Mauro Calibani, Daniela Feroleto, Gabriele Moroni, Michele Caminati,Valdo Chilese, Enrico Baistrocchi, David Morresi, Gabriele Gorobey Editing: Rovero Impiglia Camera: Mirko Tulli Graphics: Daniele Troiani Music: "It Hurts" by Stefano Mocini Narrator voice: Guy Harris Special thanks to Maurizio Alfieri for the aerial opening scene.

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