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Beat The Sun 2015 - Teaser | EpicTV Fresh Catch

Beat The Sun 2015 - Teaser | EpicTV Fresh Catch

19th June 2015
19th Jun 2015
ASICS Beat The Sun takes place on 21 June 2015. Regarded as nature's toughest relay, the event will see five continental teams battle it out against each other, while also attempting to become the first team to beat the sun around the legendary Mont Blanc - giving them just 15 hours, 41 minutes and 35 seconds to cover 148km between them. Each team will contain three professional athletes and three amateurs, racing in relay to become the first team around Mont Blanc - the highest peak in Western-Europe at 4,810m - while passing through France, Italy and Switzerland as they attempt to 'beat the sun' in the ultimate challenge. The teams of six will represent America, Asia-Pacific and Africa, with two teams from Europe. Beat The Sun 2015 - Teaser | EpicTV Fresh Catch

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Jeremy Fournier's picture
Better than running after a North Face Fleece....
21st Jun 2015
Sanna Ferin's picture
This look's like a nice challenge!
19th Jun 2015
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