Amazing New HEXO+ Autonomous Drone Follows You, Provides The Ultimate Aerial Selfie | Gear Geek

18th July 2015
18th Jul 2015
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The HEXO+ autonomous drone is next-level drone technology that follows the user without the use of a pilot and totally hands free. By attaching a GoPro to the drone, users are able to record an aerial view of themselves in action to bring home the ultimate aerial selfie. For the first time, HEXO+ unveiled their new technology at a press launch in Verbier, Switzerland where we were able to test the drone ourselves. Using a smartphone and a simple, intuitive app our tester - who had never flown a drone before - was able to fly and safely land the HEXO+ drone straight out of the box and performed several maneuvers including Follow Me, 360-degree Circle, and Come To Me. To find out more about this incredible flying camera check out all our our videos from the HEXO+ official press launch.

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Kiv123's picture
Absolutely stunning !! Can't wait to see this DYI serie from Xavier this winter..
21st Jul 2015
Panu Lehti's picture
Looks amazing!
18th Jul 2015
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