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Adam Ondra In The Rockies: Episode 1

Adam Ondra In The Rockies: Episode 1

20th July 2018
20th Jul 2018
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Get some Black Diamond climbing shoes here In the first episode of Adam in the Rockies, BD Athlete Adam Ondra visits the two Canadian sport crags Planet X and Acephale. After battling dry, glassy skin on his first day, Adam employs some pro tactics to manage his fingertips and heads back to the crag for round two.

Comments (2)

nick.randell4's picture
So is the rest of this series ever going to happen? Makes me so homesick!
5th Oct 2018
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Hey, we think the guys had a few issues with the footage, we haven't seen the release yet, fingers crossed!
8th Oct 2018
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