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Adam Ondra First Ascent Of The Brutal 9b Robin Ud

Adam Ondra First Ascent Of The Brutal 9b Robin Ud

26th October 2016
26th Oct 2016
An old Slovakian project from Maros Skvarka, Adam Ondra spends three days working 9b Robin Ud, the first potential 9b in the country. The day the route finally went, the film crew picked up Adam at 10:30am at the bus station after travelling all night from Switzerland, prepared a snack for him to take with him, and went for the send. Amazing stuff.

Comments (7)

1 voter thinks this video is Epic
vojta.licko's picture
Cu**s :)
9th Nov 2016
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Ha! nice one
11th Nov 2016
Rodney Katelyn's picture
Definitely shouts 'bitches' at 01:16
28th Oct 2016
wimmerlukas's picture
no no, its czech vulgarism :D
29th Oct 2016
Rodney Katelyn's picture
ok, what does it mean?!?!?!?!?!
31st Oct 2016
GDPR uid.199244's picture
Absolutely epic video. I just love watching this guy climbing. So dedicated. And his philosophy is always on point.
27th Oct 2016
Calain Bret's picture
agree! Loving your videos as well by the way, keep it up!
28th Oct 2016
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