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A Selection of Top Quality Boulder Problems from Leavenworth

A Selection of Top Quality Boulder Problems from Leavenworth

19th July 2016
19th Jul 2016
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Some highlights from a couple of weeks bouldering in Leavenworth, Washington, during an unseasonably hot April 2016. This meant some very early starts and plenty of resting. Leavenworth is truly a world class bouldering destination with easy access, top quality rock, a stunning setting and close-by amenities...watch out for the rattle snakes though! Problem list: Cotton Pony Low - V11/12 The Practitioner - V11 The Coffee Cup - V9 flash Was - V8 Pimpsqueak - V8 flash Musashi - V9 The Prism - V9 Resurrection Low - V10 Nine Iron - V10 Span Man - V10 Thunderdome Low - V11 Turbulence - V12 The Teacup - V13 Thanks to Greg Orlov (@negativev1) for the cracking cover shot on Pimpsqueak http://www.positive-negative-studio.com/

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