A Revolution In Climbing Shoe Design: The So iLL Street

20th January 2017
20th Jan 2017
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SO ILL Street Climbing Shoe
129.00 € 129.00 €
SO ILL Runner Climbing Shoe
112.90 € 112.90 €
SO ILL Crash Pad
279.00 € 300.00 €
SO ILL 30L Executive Dry Pack
99.00 € 102.00 €
SO ILL Executive Rolldown Chalk Bucket
30.00 € 30.00 €
SO ILL Small Executive Chalk Bag
25.00 € 25.00 €
This weeks Pick of the Week is So iLL’s incredible new climbing shoe, the Street. So iLL’s whole philosophy is to combine fashion with functionality, so they’ve taken note of vintage running and streetwear to create some unique looking climbing shoes. EpicTV Shop are the exclusive stockists of So iLL climbing gear in Europe, so check out their range here.

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