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A New Sport Climbing Crag Is Born in Greece | Turkey and Trimmings, Ep. 8

A New Sport Climbing Crag Is Born in Greece | Turkey and Trimmings, Ep. 8

12th February 2014
12th Feb 2014
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In this video, James Pearson and his wife Caroline Ciavaldini leave Turkey and investigate the trimmings in hopes of establishing their own crag. What they find is Leonidio, an old shepherd's enclave in southern Greece. The cliffs are abundant and the rock is high quality but it's not a sport climbing crag until it has a few bolts. We get the feeling from listening to Caroline that bolting for numerous hours every day is more of James' passion than it is hers. Especially when 'numerous' means 'seven'. Although James claims it was closer to four, it appears their work schedule provoked a couple of off-camera arguments. We can almost imagine the sweet music of climbing lovers' quarrels ringing through Leonidio. When the work is done there are some seriously cool lines established. James and Caroline may be gone but Leonidio awaits anyone who wants to climb it.

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